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My name is Audrey and I'm from Texas. I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school. I'm a journalism student at my school among other things. I am an avid reader and I love to bike ride, swim, be outdoors and be with my friends. I have a job as well; I lifeguard at a YMCA pool near me. I am very opinionated and I usually don't have a problem with sharing my views on things. I've been on the update account since early 2012 and I've stuck with it since then, aside from the four month hiatus I took last summer when I was working a lot. When I graduate high school my plan is to study Public Relations at a university in Texas. Since I've had the opportunity to update on this account my interest in how the public views celebrities and companies and people in general has grown more and more. Studying PR is only the first step in where I want my career to go. The update account has inspired me to take an interest in this line of work and I hope my accomplishments with this account are only the beginning of my career in PR.

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Other stuff

This is more of a bio of the update account and how it's grown with me. I came onto this account when I was 15 in early 2012 but I've been a fan of One Direction since late 2011. The original founder of 1DUpdatesHC, Emma Lekker, who was from Holmes Chapel (hence the name of the account), let me on as a co-owner around the time when boys were touring the East Coast with Big Time Rush. We were a good team and the account's followers grew in numbers as One Direction's fanbase grew in America and around the world. I watched the boys grow and our account became more credible and more resourceful for fans. I take pride in my account's reputation because we strive to be mature and calm in a fanbase of younger people. Because of our quick information we've had numerous popular news sites and shows credit us and contact us for our info. We have also had a rep for Good Morning America ask for permission to use our pictures on their show. Niall Horan also followed us in 2012. I really appreciate everyone who follows us, retweets us and stands by us as a legitimate source for news on One Direction. Without you, we would not have the recognition our account has had and hopefully will have in the future.